#5 – 3 Components to BOOST Your Landing Page Conversion

#5 – 3 Components to BOOST Your Landing Page Conversion

How to boost landing page conversion rate for your business?

Hey Hey Hey, it’s Hardy Loh here.
I’m here again to serve you 🙂
Today is episode is the sequel of last episode.

If you’ve missed it, click here to go through it now
before proceed further to this episode.

People have been asking around,
how to create a SIMPLE but also HIGHER conversion rate of
Landing Page / Capture Page / Squeeze Page.
Thus today I’m going to share with you from what I know.

I’ve discovered 90% of the online entrepreneurs or
internet marketers have missed these 3 components,
in order to generate more leads and make more sales.

They’ve totally no clue about that but just focusing on “money” words.
So I’ve decided to share this information with you as my VIP subscriber.
Let’s break this down.

3 Components to Boost Landing Page Conversion

1) Lead Magnet
2) Hook
3) Call to Action

1. Lead Magnet
– A piece of value that solves a specific problem
in your marketplace, offered in exchange for an opt-in.
– PDF, video, webinar, teleseminar,
cheat sheet, audio, software, sample
, etc
– Unique, sexy, memorable, name
– Speaks to desired and result
– Must be easy to consume
– Must create positive expectancy
– Creates an “Aha!” moment


2. The Hook
– The big promise (usually the headline)
– The benefits your lead magnet will provide
– be very specific
– focus on ONE thing
– be short and to the point
– Know your market


3. Call to Action (CTA)
– Must be very direct
– Tell them exactly what they need to do
– Mentioned 2-3 times on the page
– Unusual looking arrows help conversions
– Don’t forget the magic phrase!
(Information will be sent to the email address provided above)
Of course, this need to be real,
DO NOT give fake promise!


Headline: “Discover how to lose 5kg in 14 days”
Sub-headline or content:
“Enter your email below to watch this free
video explanation below to discover the secret”

– Lead Magnet: FREE Video
– Hook: Lost 5kg in 14 days
– Call to Action(CTA): Enter your email below to watch this video

Easy to understand, right?
I’ve tried to make it as simple as I could for you.

Perhaps you learned this simple steps today
after knowing these 3 Components.
Therefore remember to apply this simple strategies
into your landing/capture/squeeze page
to generate more leads & make more sales.

Hope you could boost landing page conversion and
wish you have a high conversion rate & success 😊

Light & Hope
– Hardy

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