Episode 13 – This “MAGIC” Helps to Attract More Loyalty Customers

Episode 13 – This “MAGIC” Helps to Attract More Loyalty Customers

All entrepreneurs want to attract more loyalty customers.
But how?

Hey hey hey~ It’s been a while.
But I came back 😛
Welcome back to 《Entrepreneurship Tips》 Episode 13.
In the last episode, I’ve share with you
2 Small Actions Make Customers Keep Coming Back”.
So is this episode, I’ll be sharing with you
How to Attract Loyalty Customers.

Are you ready?

This “Magic” You could Attract More Loyalty Customers

Without a doubt, a lot of entrepreneurs only think about profit.
But they’ve ignored something like this product or service,
are they able to provide any benefits for the customers?

If you want your business to stay for long term,
You CAN’T just focus on profit only.

You’ve to think carefully,
how could you bring your customers
to experience a better goods / service?
What kind of benefits they can get from it?
What is the effect that
they want after consuming the products?

If you applied all these to your business then
your business will definitely stay for long term.
You don’t need to visit every single customer
and please them for buying your product.
It’s because your product is a great product.

If they found your product is good,
they will coming back for you again and again.
Even they will become your lifetime customers.
It’s because they trust your product
can provide the effect they want to get.

Your Customers Will Advertise For You At NO COST!

Actually you could also found that people
like to share something good or special
with their friends and family.
They like to share anything in social media especially
there are more than 1 billion users in Facebook,
YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

In this way, more and more people will
get to know about your products.
Due to this reason, your business will be getting better and better.
You don’t even need to spend a dime for advertisement.
You also don’t need to keep doing hard sell
where customers won’t like this.
Does it sound great?

A complete business model, it’s not only
how much profit you can get in the first place.
You’ve to have vision, a vision that how could
you make profit for long life like
10 years, 20 years later and so on.
But it’s not a short term like 2 months,
1 year or 2 years.

Hence, you’ve to make sure that your
product is in good and high quality.
Does it bring the effect that customer wanted?
Put yourself in your customers shoes,
providing customers’ needs as the starting point,
Then you only can build your own solid empire
and build a strong customer base.

Does it make sense to you?

Hopefully you could find your loyalty customers soon
I’ll see you in the next episode 😊

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