#8 – You Will Lost Your Time without “THIS ONE THING”

#8 – You Will Lost Your Time without “THIS ONE THING”

What is your first thought when you see “autoresponder”?

Alright alright, welcome back to 《Online Entrepreneur Hacks》 Episode 8 today.
It’s Hardy Loh here.
As promised, today is the sequel of the previous episode.

If you haven’t go through it yet,
click here to go through Episode 3.

Although in this modern with full of advanced technology era,
there are still many people using
the old fashion way to run their own business.

Without a doubt, most of the old fashion methods are very time-consuming.
You even have to implement it by yourself manually 
then you only can accomplish it.

So in this particular episode,
I would like to share with you that
“how to do it in auto pilot mode” without your attendance.
How to build an automated machine to work for you.

During Episode 3, we were talking about “What is Lead?”
Remember I’ve mentioned to you about the Autoresponder?
It’s the automated machine / automated system that I’m talking about.
So let’s continue this topic right now 🙂

What is Autoresponder / Automated Machine?

It’s an automated machine / system.
It’s playing a very important role in your online business.
If you don’t have this automated machine,
you’ll lost most of your precious time.

Let’s separate it Auto and Responder into 2 parts,
so that it’s easier for you to understand.
Auto = You don’t need to do it by yourself manually
and it will do the work by itself.
Responder = It will perform specific actions
base on the rules you’ve set for it.
When these 2 items combine together,
it will be an automated system.

Now, let me ask you a question.
Where do we usually come across it?
Ring any bell?
Yes, that’s right, the EMAIL that you provided
when you were visiting some websites.

But the premise is that the person wants to get something from you
e.g: information, free gift, video, PDF, etc.
Then the autoresponder will only be triggered
once it detects someone’s email (lead)
has just being captured freshly.

Of course, as a good and authentic online marketers,
you don’t just simply send bunch of
irrelevant information to your subscribers.

If that is not something they interested in the first place
when they opted-in into your list.

This will be called spam mail (aka junk mail) if you’re doing this.
As nobody like to receive spam mail, agree? Yes?

2 Advantages of Having a Good Autoresponder

#1 – Save Your Time

Why you need an automated system?
For example, someone visited your website
then he contacted you and said “Hi Mr/Miss X,
I’m interested in your product/service.

Could you please send more information to me, please?”

Then an opt-in form or landing page (capture/squeeze page) will kicks in.
It allows the visitors to enter their information
like name, email or contact number (depends on the website).
Once the visitors entered their information
then the automated system will be triggered.

In this scenario, I don’t need to say
“Hey Staff Hardy, please use your computer

to send all these information to this Customer Handsome.”
What if there are 3 customers are interested in your product,
but they requested the information from you at different time?
Then Staff Hardy has to send 3 emails at 3 different timing?

No! Of course he don’t.
If Staff Hardy has consolidated all the relevant information and
put it into an autoresponder which has been set up,
then the system will send out the relevant information
to ALL the prospects even from all around the world or different timing.

The cool thing is the whole process is AUTOMATIC.
Staff Hardy or the company don’t have to do any extra action.

#2 – Convenient

Scenario 1, you’re having a romantic moment
at restaurant with your love one,
All of sudden, you received a notification that
a prospect has requested information from you.

In this moment, the auto-responder will work for us automatically.

You don’t need to worry of losing this prospect.
You don’t have to worry because they’re not able to reach you
then find other related product from someone else.
They can receive the information right away.
This will boost up the opportunity to get
more sales in your business, make sense?

Scenario 2, you’re having a very fun moment with your family.
You guys are playing around and having fun.
Do you have to stop the fun moment
in order to send the information to the prospects?
No! You don’t.

Imagine that if you have to send it manually
then the fun moment will over even
you resume it in a short while, agree?

If you have this automated system works for you 24/7,
you don’t have to worry all the these scenarios above.

It can even send out the follow up emails
on the day that you want them to be delivered to the prospects.

Purpose & Functionalities

I use autoresponder not only to capture emails, building my own list,
building trust relationship but it helps me to send out the emails
automatically on my behalf when a prospect opted-in to my list
even it’s 2am midnight. Very cool, right?

I personally love it because it works for me 24/7 while
I was sleeping, travelling or in any circumstances.
All of my customers purchased a product from me have went through
this autoresponder and the automated emails follow up.


So which one do you feel more better?
Manual way or Automation?
I believe you already knew the answer 🙂
It’s because it can save tons of your precious time.
“You can get more money, but you can’t get more time” – Anthony Robbins.

Without having this tool,
you will be losing your prospect for good.

They might not even come back to your website in future.
So you must get this tool and set it up properly
Make sense?


If you asked me is there any good one can recommend you?
Well, you could try GetResponse or AWeber.
Both are the most famous autoresponder and used by tons of
online entrepreneurs and internet marketers.

Besides GetResponse and AWeber there are
some other similar
that I know out there like
 – ConvertKit
– Mailchimp

– MaroPost
– Infusionsoft
and some others that I never heard before.

For me personally, I am using GetResponse
as I found that it’s simple and easy to use.

Click the image below to find out more


Hope after went through this you can have
a clearer image on how to leveraging this tool.

Click here to discover all the tools I’ve been using
to generate income online.

I will discuss with you about list building strategies next time.

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