#1 – How to Build an Solid Business Online As a Beginner

#1 – How to Build an Solid Business Online As a Beginner

Are you struggling on building online business?

Hey hey hey, it’s Hardy Loh here!
Welcome to 《Hardy DIMENSION》.
Hope you like the Episode 1 of  《Entrepreneurship Tips》
episodes that I’ve shared with you.

Today I’ am going to share with you something different.
It’s my second series of free training,
Online Entrepreneur Hacksand today is
Episode 1 – Building Online Business As a Totally Beginner 🙂

There is something I need to make myself clear first.
I am not those “guru” out there.
All the information that I’m going to share with you
in this series of training is what I know and learned.
I’ve spent thousands to learn all that literally.
Perhaps you will like it.

So how to build an online business even
you’re a beginner or you’re a offline business owner?

In fact, we could notice that tons of people are trying to
build an online business / make money online so that
they can break free from their daily job or
earn some extra income for their living.

But most of the people have no idea on
– where to start
– how to start
– what is the next step
– getting bunch of theories and feel overwhelmed
they’ve totally no clue on it and I was one of them.

So in this 1st episode, I will be sharing some ideas with you
on how to build your own business online
(aka how to start making money online).

Since this is the first episode,
I don’t want to overwhelmed you.
I’ll make it as a very simple idea.

How to Building Online Business

Building online business, you need to have
1) A clear understanding how to build an effective online business.
– e.g: what items/tools you need

2) Clearly identify your financial target/goal.
– e.g: how much do you want to make per month or per year

3) Clearly identify what you’re willing to give in return for its attainment.
– e.g: your money or time

4) Mental readiness. Winning state of mind.
-e.g: believe in myself and I’m going to make it happen no matter what.

Example 1: Like Building a House, You Need

I) Vision (what kind of a house is it, small, big, etc)
II) Blueprint (the design structure)
III) Tools / Materials (hammer, bricks, mud)
IV) Strategies (do it yourself or hire a contractor)
V) Action (start execute it)

Example 2: Baking a Cake
I) What kind of cake?
II) Shop / Get ingredients
III) Tools (mixer, pots, pans, etc)
IV) Action (do it)

It’s Also like Moving From Point A – B
1) Know where you are
2) Know where you want to go
3) Strategy (the quickest way to get there)
4) Vehicle to get you there (the transport)
5) Action

So for Building a Business
1) Know where you are now
2) Identify your destination clearly (have specific target)
3) Identify quickest strategy to get there (buy existing business?
start new business from scratch?
find somebody who has a winning business model and leverage it?)
4) Product (find a good product which is already in high demand)
5) System (step by step plan)
6) Targeted Traffic
7) Scale, Leverage, Automate it

If you haven’t download my book yet for some reasons,

you can always go to my Home Page to download it for free.

Stay tune for Episodes 2 ~

– Hardy

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