#4 – How Custom Landing Page Could Affect Your “Money”

#4 – How Custom Landing Page Could Affect Your “Money”

What is landing page?
How important that a custom landing page will affect your business?

Hey hey hey, welcome back to 《Hardy Dimension》. It’s Hardy Loh here.
Today I’m going to share with you about the landscape of Landing Page.

What is Landing Page?

Ok, landing page / lead capture page / squeeze page are the same thing.

It’s basically a page that allows you to capture your prospect’s information
like email, name, home address, phone number, etc.

But how you could create a landing page by yourself?
Well, I recommend you a very popular landing page creator application, ClickFunnels.

ClickFunnels is the Top 1 leads capture page in the online space.
Also, It’s the most popular lead capture page creator
that being used by most of the 7-8 figure earners.

It also allows you to create your own sales page, bridge page,
thank you page, web page and a lot of more.

This is an ESSENTIAL tool for all the online entrepreneur.
It allows you to 
build different type of pages you want,
regardless of what kind of business you’re doing.

It’s basically a 1-stop-solution for your need to market and sell your products online.

The Importance of Having a Custom Landing Page

However, DO NOT make the same mistake that I made previously 
for using the replicated website or funnel that your company gave you.

Yes, you might be getting good results in the beginning.
But try to imagine when you have thousands of people are using the
exact same landing page, it can get saturated within short period of time.
The conversion will definitely go down drastically as well.

Your post might get flagged if you were trying to promote it via Facebook.
It’s because when so many people are promoting the same website.
either one of them was doing wrongly then the entire domain 
will get blacklisted by Facebook.

By the time you intend to advertise with it,
your ad will not get approved by 
The worst scenario is Facebook might suspends
your personal 
account without any warning given .

Good news is you can prevent this from happening by branding yourself
with your own unique funnel/page .

I’ve learned the strategies below which allows my conversion get higher:
Lead Capture Page → Bridge/Thank You Page → Your Offer

This is what makes you different from the others rather than those who is
using the exact same page and just send the prospects to the offer directly.

It increases opt-in rate, increase conversion, stand out from everybody else
and eliminate competition because you make yourself unique.

Once I started to apply this strategies, my conversion got higher than ever
by using ClickFunnels to brand myself.

Always remember, YOU = YOUR BUSINESS!

By the way, ClickFunnels is giving some bonuses and 14-day trial.

You could click here to play around.

Have fun 😉

Light & Hope
– Hardy

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