Episode 12 – 2 Actions Make Customers Keep Coming Back for More

Episode 12 – 2 Actions Make Customers Keep Coming Back for More

How to make customers keep coming back for you
and to make more sales?

Hey hey hey, welcome back to 《Hardy DIMENSION》
《Entrepreneurship Tips》 Episode 12 is here for you.

Actually there are a lot of entrepreneurs would think,
how could they find more new customers to earn more money.
But the sad thing is most of them are overlooked a very important part,
which is “How to Keep Customers Coming Back for More”

Therefore, I’m going to break this down in 2 crucial parts for you.

2 Small Actions Make Customers Keep Coming Back Again

This time I will take restaurants as an example.
Why would you coming back to the same restaurants?
We eliminated the price and delicious level first,
Which one do you think is more important?

Any idea? Yes, it’s the service attitude.
Even though your food is cheap and good,
Environment is nice but if your service attitude is bad.
Are you willing to go back to the same restaurant?
I think you would say “No next time and thanks”, right?

There are 2 factors of service attitude which are
detail-oriented and intimate to customers.
But people has forgotten about these factors.
Observing the needs of customers carefully,
to provide the services they really need.

For example, the services from Japan.
Polite is well-known for Japan when come to service.
I still remembered  years ago when
I was in Japan trip with friends,
We had lunch in a small restaurant.
The waiter handed us a menu with full of Japanese.
But we do not know how to read it,

But he realized that we are not locals within a minute.
Thus he handed us bunch of food photos in purpose.
There are numbers from the photos where
the numbers are same with the menu.
So that we can refer to the photo
even we can’t read Japanese.
After that he also realized that we needed
some a place to put our belonging.
He helped us to take our belonging and put at a wider place.

From the points above, we can feel that
the service attitude is really different.
It will make you have the feeling that
you want to go back to the restaurant.

What You Need to Do?

Therefore, if you want the
customers keep coming back for long term,
please remember to perform these 2 actions to your customers.

Perhaps what I’ve mentioned above are make sense to you.
Wish you’ve a steady customer’s base and
getting more success in your business

I will definitely go to Japan again 😀

Have you went to Japan before?
Tell me what is your thought about Japan in the comment section below 🙂

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