Episode 16 – Fail Achieving Goals even You’ve Already Set It?

Episode 16 – Fail Achieving Goals even You’ve Already Set It?

Why you fail achieving goals even you have already set it?
Let’s find out now!

Alright alright~ Welcome back to 《Hardy DIMENSION》
It’s Hardy Loh here again.
Today is Episode 16 of 《Entrepreneurship Tips》!

Many people are facing this one issue,
“Why I Fail Achieving Goals even I’ve already Set It”.
So let’s discuss about this topic today.

Why You’ll FAIL Achieving Goals even You’ve Set It?

First and foremost, what do you think to cause it?
Any idea? Come on, share with me your idea. No?
OK never mind, I will break it down for you below.
This is the main point that I found.

Sometimes I found that there are a lot of entrepreneurs
set their goals too high in the first place.
For example, I’ve to earn $100,000 this year.
But they don’t have much resources or budget.
When they started to check on the budget,
they realized that they’re not able to achieve the goals.
Meanwhile, there are some “noises” from their mind,
keep doubting and limiting themselves from doing that.

Hence why is this happening?
It’s because you’ve set the goals for too high.
Your subconscious mind can’t believe that
you manage to earn $100k in this year.
It causes you don’t believe in yourself can do that.

So what you should do now is re-set/adjust your goals.
Make it becomes a bit challenging
but it won’t make you feel it’s impossible to achieve that.
Stay confident for some periods then
you can start adjusting it to higher level accordingly.

It’s because if you remains not believing in yourself.
You’ll stuck in a negative mode.
There’s no way for the universe to deliver
what you really want for you.
In conclusion, believe in yourself and stay positive.

Wish you manage to achieve your goals very soon.

Have you experienced the same thing above?

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