#3 – No Lead = No Money. What is Lead / Email List?

#3 – No Lead = No Money. What is Lead / Email List?

Hey hey hey..Today topic will be Lead Generation and Email List.

Yes, it’s me again, Hardy Loh 🙂
Welcome back to 《Hardy DIMENSION》.
Today is 《Online Entrepreneur Hacks》 Episode 3.
No Lead = No Money !!

So what is this episode all about?
As per title, no lead/list = no sale = no money!
I could look you in the eyes and tell you 100%,
it’s your long term property assets and FREE Traffic for life.

Why am I saying so?
You’ll understand once you finish reading to this article.

What is Lead / List?

What is the serious impact if you don’t have it?
In short, lead/list = your customer information,
like email address, name, contact number, etc.
It also known as email list.
If you have an autoresponder but
don’t have any lead is equal to ZERO.

I’ll explain to you in details about Autoresponder next time,
if you have no idea about it yet.

Let’s put this in a simple way,
Customer A has visited your website or blog accidentally or on purpose.
He is interested in your product or service,
but you do not know this person and do not know where is he from.
He then leaves his email address into your landing page.

In this scenario, Customer A is your prospect
as he is willing to leave his email and contact to you, at least.
In this scenario, he could be your free traffic for life.
As a result email address = lead/list.

Huh..is that so simple? Yes, it is.
Easy to understand, right?

Once your landing page has captured the email,
then it will trigger your autoresponder and
something magical will happen during this moment.
We’ll be talking about what is autoresponder
and how it works in the future episode.

I’ll be sharing with you about Landing Page in the next episode.

Stay tuned ~

Let me know in the comment section below if you have any confusion here.

Light & Hope
– Hardy

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