You need these online business tools. Here are why…

Hey hey hey, it’s Hardy here.
People have been asking me what tools should they use for
building an solid business online and start making money online, etc.

Well, I’m glad to share with you and
what tools that I’m currently using.
In addition, these tools are helping me to build my own online business.

I have been using them personally since some periods ago.

My Top Recommendation Online Business Tools

Below are the online tools that
I strongly recommend you to get them.


1. A High Demand Product

First of all, to build an solid business online,
you need a high demand product such as digital product.

For example, a top level of training that teaches people
on how to start building your own business online from scratch.
As of now many people are interested in making money online.
Therefore this is the best product for those people.

If you have no idea how/where to find high demand product,
feel free to contact me here.


2. Autoresponder

Autoresponder is one of the most online tools that we MUST HAVE!
It’s because it will works for us 24 hours automatically even while we are sleeping.
Since it is automatic so it can save us tons of time.

—> GetResponse


—> AWeber


Both are the top and very famous online tools and tons of people are using it.
You can choose either one of them because the function are the same.
I’m using GetResponse personally as I found that
it’s the most easiest and simple to use.

Click Here for more info —> GetResponse


3. Leads Capture / Landing / Squeeze Page Creator

—> ClickFunnels


ClickFunnels is the Top 1 leads capture page in the online space.
Also, It’s the most popular lead capture page creator
that being used by 7-8 figure earners.

It also allows you to create your own sales page, bridge page,
thank you page, web page and a lot of more.

Click Here for more info —> ClickFunnels


4. Tracking Tool

—> ClickMagick


First, you might be curious why you need a tracking tool?
Allow me to break this down for you.

In any case, you’ll have a hard time to reach your destination
if you don’t know where the correct path is.
For example, you’re going for fishing yet you have no idea
is there any fishes that you want to catch from the particular lake.

Maybe you just go there and try your luck
it’s because you know it’s a big lake.
It should have a lot of fishes swimming there.
You’ll definitely caught the fish that you want.

Therefore, you’ve spent hours to wait for a fish to get caught.
As a matter of fact, it might not be the case.
In this scenario, you’ve wasted hours of precious time
waiting over and over again but not getting what you want in the end.

It’s because you thought there are big fishes to catch.
In fact, there is no the fish you wanted to catch.
Therefore this is also applied on making money online as well.


If you don’t know where is the good traffic is coming from
and which can get you the good results (money),
as a result you’ll waste your money and time for advertising.

You need to collect the DATA and information.
So that you’ll not like shooting in the dark, make sense?

In addition, it can protect your raw affiliate link get banned
by using ClickMagick if you’re promoting  some affiliate products.
For example you posted your raw affiliate link to Facebook,
YouTube, Instagram, any other social media sites.

If your posted being flagged or being reported as spam for few times,
then you’ll not be able to post your affiliate link to that platform anymore.
As they have already banned it due to people reported it as spam.

At this point, using a tracking link is very very very important here.

This is why you need a good tracking tool in any case.
ClickMagick is purely focus just on tracking and they did the best job here.
Therefore, this is one of my recommended online business tools for you.
It’s simple to use and yet powerful as well.

There are tons of video tutorials here that you can refer to.

Click Here for more info —> ClickMagick


5. Where to Get Traffic

—> My Traffic Networks
—> My Traffic Agencies

I got some results from these places.
However let’s make this clear that these are not the best traffic quality
but you could get quick traffic from there.

Once again, I CAN’T guarantee you any results here.
But you could give it a try.

Click Here for more info –> Get My Traffic NetworksGet My Traffic Agencies


6. Domain Registrar

—> Namecheap


—> GoDaddy



Actually some people asked,
“Do I really need to own a domain name,
in order to make money online?”

No, you don’t have to but I suggest you
to use it if you want your business to stay for long term,
look professional and reliable in other words.

Here is why…

For example, you’re promoting something online.
First scenario, your friend ask you
“Hey buddy, what are you up to recently?
You seems doing great, could you please tell me what you’re doing?”

At this point, do you want to tell your friend,
“Yes you can visit″?
OR just a simple word like

Which one is the easiest to read out for people?
Which one is shorter and easier to remember?

Of course, the is the winner here, right?

Second scenario, if somebody is interested in
your product/service and ask you for more information.
Will you tell them the long URL above or
just “Ok, please visit to get more info”.

Which one is better and professional?

I think you have the answer already 🙂
It’s because it’s simpler, look professional and more reliable.

Another scenario a stranger asked you to click the first URL above,
do you feel comfortable to click the link?
You will feel suspicious and not sure after clicking the link
will my computer get infected by viruses or any bad things will
happen to my computer or not, am I right?

If you provided the to your
prospects and friends then this issue will be solved automatically.
Your prospects feel more comfortable to click the link,
see what you’re doing, getting the value you provided
and purchasing product/service from you.

Is this make sense to you?

Recommendation for Domain Registrar 

I have used both GoDaddy & Namecheap.
Both are very popular domain registrar currently.

However after using Namecheap,
I found that Namecheap seems like
more easier to use than GoDaddy and
more compatible than GoDaddy
from some sites that need to be linked up.

Meanwhile, Namecheap also has 24/7 Live Chat support
however GoDaddy only support for few certain hours only.
That’s all the reasons above that I switched to Namecheap
In any case, you need any direct support within short period of time,
I would recommend you Namecheap.

Click Here for more info —> Namecheap


7. Outsourcing

–> Fiverr

Why do you need outsourcing?
Here is my personal opinion.

I know you definitely have something that
you don’t like to do, not good in doing it,
don’t have the time to do or not willing to do.

This is totally relate to me.
It’s because this happened to me as well.
Thus here is why outsourcing comes in.

You can outsource almost any kind of job from here for whatever reason.
For example, maybe designing a logo is too difficult for you or
creating/editing a video content is taking you few days time to finish, etc.

In order to make your life easier and save your precious time,
you can hire people (a.k.a outsource) to do it for you.
Meanwhile you can spend more time to
focus on your income producing activity.

This will make you become more productive to generate income.
You get almost the job done by just spending $5 per job.
Yes, it’s just $5!!

–> 99Designs


99Designs is another outsourcing site that you might be interested.
It’s focus more on designing wise of work.

Click here to check it out —> Fiverr99Designs


8. Hosting Site

–> Bluehost

Bluehost logo, Hardy Dimension, Hardy Loh

–> Hostgator

Hostgator, Hardy Dimension, Hardy Loh

If you have your own blog or website, you will need a hosting site.
You can choose either one of them, both comes with Live Chat support.

Click here to check it out —> BluehostHostgator


9. Screen Capture & Recording Tool

—> Jing (free version)

Jing, screen capture software, screen capture tool

—> SnagIT (paid version)

SnagIT, screen capture tool, screen capture software

So what are these tools for?
It allows us to capture screen shot easily when you’re
trying to explain something in a clearer way to somebody,
like you’re doing some tutorial type of training, etc.
Picture says thousands words, agree?

Both are great tools and from same company, TechSmith.
Jing is a free version, SnagIT is a paid version
Of course, SnagIT comes with more functions and easier to navigate.
But Jing is also doing a good job here even it’s just a free version
I have used both of them. Currently I’m using SnagIT.

Click Here for more info —> JingSnagIT

Finally, perhaps my article helps you to have a more clearer image
that what tools you need to use for your building a solid online business.
These are all the online tools that I highly recommend you to own them.

If someone told you that you don’t need any of these tools for you business,
they’re lying to you.

Tell me which one do you love the most?

Feel free to tell me if you have any nice tool to recommend me, haha 😀


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