Episode 14 – “This Action” Could Make You MORE Sales

Episode 14 – “This Action” Could Make You MORE Sales

Is promotion the only method to make you more sales?

Hey hey hey~Alright, welcome back to 《Entrepreneurship Tips》.
It’s Hardy Loh here to serve you for Episode 14.

In this particular episode that I want to share with you is
“This Action” Could Make You Sales.
Actually there are a lot of people known about “THIS ACTION”
But I’ll be sharing with you my own opinion.

Is “THIS ACTION” only way for Promotion?!

You can choose to do some packaging method.
For example a bottle of face cream cost $25,
selling 3 in 1 package cost $69
You might be saying this product
is hard to sell even per bottle,
How am I going to sell 3 bottles?

As a matter of fact, tons of people know about this.
On the other hand, most of the people ignored one point!
Thus please continue to read it below.

So the bottom line is customer will feel that
“your product is cheaper than usual”.
They can also save $6, this will make them
to purchase in a higher chance rate.
As a result most of the people will have the
psychological feeling that buying 3 bottles and
not even need to pay for $70!

The main point is you’ve to make
different packages for every time promotion.
If every time you remain the exact same package,
what customer will doubt that you’re lying to them.

As every time the package is still the same package,
Same price, same combo for all day long.
They felt that you’re not honest and
they might not come back to you.

Giving Value to Your Customer

There is another part that most of the entrepreneurs have missed.
What is that part?
Is that very important to you?
Yes, it is, if you want your business to stay for long term.
Actually you could teach the customers some knowledge
that related to your company product.

For example how to differentiate the quality of the product,
what ingredients will give them flawless skin,
whitening or other stunning effects.
To make them feel that they could learn something from you
But remember do not keep asking them to buy your product.

Sooner or later they will remember the valuable
information that you’ve shared with them.
It’s because of your action,
the chance they’ll purchase from you is higher.
Most likely they’ll keep coming back for you in long term.

As you’re not those pushy type of person
when you’re using this “pull method” of marketing.
In conclusion, you don’t have to pursue or ask
anyone or do hard sell anymore.

So think about what kind of promotion that you can do now,
what kind of value you can give them.
Hope this make sense to you and
you could get some idea from it.

Tell me below whether this makes sense to you 🙂

– Hardy

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