#10 – 2 Main Reasons Why You Can’t Convert Leads to Sales

#10 – 2 Main Reasons Why You Can’t Convert Leads to Sales

What causes you are not able to convert leads to sales?

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Literally, there are tons of people
have been encountering this one issue ,
which is “Why I Can’t Convert Leads to Sales?”

This is the sequel of the last episode.
If you haven’t read it yet, click here to read it now
before you continue to go through this episode. 🙂

A lot of online marketers have been struggling
with this issue for years even decades.
That’s why today I’ll help you to
break this down in 2 main reasons that I know.

How to Convert Leads to Sales?

You know you’ve a lot of leads on hand,
But why it can’t be converted to sales?
One of the reason is there are some differences
between the message from the landing page
and the product contents.
This will also leads to your sales volume.

You’ve to specify the title and the content,
like you’re selling fitness equipment,
But you didn’t specify what kind of fitness equipment is that.

You want a treadmill but he is selling dumbbells.
Maybe some of the customers they might want the dumbbells,
but what they really want is the treadmill.
Hence this will lower down much customer buying possibility, agree?

Please do remember before creating a landing page,
you’ve to think carefully that the product or service you want to sell.
Also, is there any direct connection in your last message.
There must be a very strong connection and congruence
then you only can attract your targeted customers.
This is the key to convert more leads to sales.
It is very critical!

It’s because they want to know more about your product/service.
What you’re selling in the end is related to what they wants,
So do you think the opportunity is much more higher
for them to purchase the product from you?
If you’ve attracted the non-targeted customer,
you’ll have a hard time to sell your product in the end.
In any case, you’ll be wasting money on traffic, make sense?

Sometimes it’s not really the money matter.
As I found that “people buy for their emotion”.
The customer that you attracted from
the very beginning (your landing page),
There is a huge impact on it.


Do remember the main point here
is attracting the ideal customer that you want,
Eliminate those customers that you don’t want,
don’t do size-take-all.

As I’ve noticed that most of the entrepreneurs
or online marketers also doing size-take-all,
end up they’re not able to achieve the result
they want but losing a lot of money.
You might be thinking,
by doing this I could have a bigger market.

Yes, that’s right.
But you’re only doing this once
you’ve have a stable customer base.
If you’re not, regardless of how big the market is,
you’re getting nothing from it in the end.

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