I Almost Gave Up…

I Almost Gave Up…

I genuinely want all my business-minded friends to see and experience this.

I remember it like it was yesterday when I first got
excited about becoming an internet entrepreneur…

To me, being an entrepreneur could bring the freedom to do what you want,
when you want and where you want.

The lifestyle I have seen from others,
the income potential was fascinating to me.

Few years back I got no experience, zero knowledge, no contacts,
serious financial issue, no mentor to point me the right way to go…

Being retrenched by the company I worked for,
came out and work with my former colleagues even tried 3 different industries.
Unfortunately, all didn’t work well as what I imagined.

Even I kept failing but I told myself that I cannot give up and
I will definitely find a way to break through the situation eventually back then.

I’ve spent my savings and joined a direct sales company.

Being new and fresh, I knew nothing but kept investing the rest of my savings
into marketing, traffic, promoting this one company,
buying different “#1 secret recipe to success”
type of products from different “gurus” out there…

I learned hard, worked hard and thinking this was the way to my success
(naive to believe it will happen eventually).

I knew that in order to succeed, I’ll need to spend some times on it.
Thus I gave myself one year to make it happen.

Unfortunately, after all the hard work and investment..
when I looked at my sales report – I had 0 sale.

I got frustrated and didn’t know what to do…

I’ve spent almost all my savings and still need to
pay for my rental, food and daily expenses.

Ended up I couldn’t afford to pay the rental for 3 months.
I had no choice but to find a daily job in order to
sustain my living and pay the debt.

I almost gave up on my dream..

But I knew deep down from my heart,
if I gave up I will back to where I was and nothing changed.

If so many people could do it, I believe I could do it too!

So I decided to keep on going for what I wanted.

I was blessed enough to find somebody
who was doing what I wanted to do and
I following his teaching as there was no plan B or plan C.

I kept learning, building, and implementing what I learned even
while I was working in the office after finish my own task.

I never waste a single second.

And finally, I had my first breakthrough – my first sale!

YESSS!!! (shouting deep down from my heart)

My friend, If you’re trying to build your dream right now and
you’re having similar situation like I was,
my message for you is – please DO NOT give up!

I’m so happy that I didn’t give it up.

Sometimes one good idea is all you need to change everything.

The idea was simple, do the opposite of
what everybody is doing in your marketplace!

Build YOU.. you’re your own business.

This one idea allowed me to get my first breakthrough
and even second and third breakthrough.

Look, I want to encourage you.

Keep on going and insist on what you want.

After encountered so much failure, I’ve learned this one thing

I made some compilation steps and sharing with people how I did that.

If you’re reading this, I may or may not know your personally..

But if you’re reading this and you’re having
similar situation like I was in the beginning,
I sincerely invite you to check out the video link below.

I don’t want to sell you on it or anything. I’m just letting you know
– if you’re struggling and want someone to take you by the hand and
show you what to do, how to do it, what you need to avoid, etc..

Without overwhelming, confusion or frustration…

==> Watch this one VIDEO here

and experience it for yourself…

If this can help you in whatever you’re facing, this is it.

Hope this short version of my story inspires you
to move forward and insist your dream.

The only way to fail in anything is to give up.


Believe in yourself. You can do it! 💪

Light & Hope
– Hardy

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