#14 – 5 Strategic Influence Steps You MUST Master!

#14 – 5 Strategic Influence Steps You MUST Master!

What are the 5 Strategic Influence Steps You MUST Master?

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Today I’m going to talk about is the
“5 Strategic Influence Steps You MUST Master”
in order for you to make more sales and generate more income in your life.

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5 Strategic Influence Steps that You MUST Master

1) Power
– The #1 form of self-sabotage is doing things incrementally better.
– Last thing you want to appear to others as is just another salesman
– Selling is about POWER
– For selling to be easy and price to be irrelevant.
The salesman must be perceived by the buyers as having all the power.

2) Emotion
– buy by Feelings (emotions)
– ACTUALLY BUY feelings
– buy in response to YOUR feelings
– buy by bonding with the seller, SHARED feelings

3) Money
– Fewer than 10% of the people in ANY populations use “price”
as one of the top 3 determining factors in buying decisions.
– 90% of sales people sell as if 90% of their prospects buy by price
– The importance of “filtering” and pre-framing
– You don’t get what you want, you get WHO YOU ARE.

4) System
– If you don’t have a system for selling you’re
the mercy of the prospect’s system for (NOT) buying.
– Build an emotional commitment to buy
before ever presenting a proposition
– Hook –> Lead Magnet –> CTA
– Motivate, inspire, educate and create a positive expectancy

5) Conditioning
– Turn your marketing into an “EVENT”
– Practice and get comfortable saying “NO” to prospects
– Don’t sell, allow prospects to become customers
– Lead by example. It’s amazing how your
prospects will do exactly what you do,
respond to things almost identical to
how You respond and feel how You feel.

Hopefully these 5 Strategic Steps can help you in your business.

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