Episode 11 – Helping People to Succeed, This is the Successful Secret for You

Episode 11 – Helping People to Succeed, This is the Successful Secret for You

What is the successful secret?
Why you need to help people to succeed first?

Hey hey hey, how are you doing?
Welcome back to Episode 11 of 《Entrepreneurship Tips》
I’m here to serve you once again. 🙂

What I’m going to share with you today is a bit “different”.
In my opinion, there are many people have no clue about this.|
It’sHelping People Solve Their Issue,
You Will Be More Success

You might be thinking there is no link
for helping people to your business.
I get it. So let me break this down for you.

You Will be More Successful by Helping People Get What They Want

In the first place, why am I saying this?
It’s because besides the Law of Attraction in the universe,
There is one more thing called
Law of Karma which is also running all the time.

So what is Law of Karma? In short,
“What you did,
it will come back to you sooner or later”
regardless good or bad.
For example, you want to be rich,
you have to give away the money first.
If you want to be succeed,
you need to help people to get succeed first.

I think you’re confusing now and can’t get it, right?
I’m already so poor now,
how to donate the money out to other people?

In fact, by helping people to solve
their issue or get what they want,
“the return” isn’t really from the same person
that you just helped from somewhere else.
It could be “return” to you from
other different form or situation.

It might not be money,
it might be something else like services,
getting discount when purchasing goods,
strike the lucky draw, etc.
The main point here is
DO NOT expect something from the person that you helped”
You must really help them out.

How to Start Doing This and What is the Successful Secret?

If you don’t know how to start doing this,
I could give you some suggestion.
At this point, you can donate some money
to those who was doing some performance in the street,
selling tissue paper, handicapped, etc.

Meanwhile this action won’t affect your daily expenses,
even is only $1 dollar will do and just keep doing this.
This one small step might be nothing for you
but it will help the people more or less.
In addition, you can train yourself for helping people
by taking this small action.

Helping elderly or blind to cross the road
or someone in trouble in the street,
you could also help them out from the trouble.
As well as assist your colleagues in office.

This is what I wanted to do for long time but I didn’t do it.
Until 2 years ago, I determined to take the action.
Surprisingly, I felt happy after helping them.
You could also donate the items or clothes
that you no longer need even its old.
By donating out to some organization or anyone,
it’s better than you throw it away.
Don’t waste them.
As long as the items are still usable.

You might be thinking this is not make sense to you.
As the matter of fact, you can see those successful people
or those who are making millions in their business.
They are helping people by keep providing value,
help more and more people to succeed in their life.

Hence this is the successful secret and it has been
using by most of the successful people.


So when you have some free time,
you may want to clean up your room,
wardrobe and other places that you stored items.
Then donate those items that you no longer need.
By doing all these, you’re actually
planting the “good seed” for yourself.

At this point, helping people = helping yourself.
So you can start trying to do that.

If you keep doing this, you would find that
good thing will start happening to you
or in your career without any expectation.
Your life will be changed in a positive way.

This is the successful secret that
I want to share with you today. 🙂

Does it make sense to you?
Let me know in the comment section below 🙂

Light & Hope
– Hardy

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