#6 – Traffic Generation Is the “OXYGEN” For Your Online Business

#6 – Traffic Generation Is the “OXYGEN” For Your Online Business

OK, let’s talk about Traffic Generations Strategies today!

Hey hEy heY, welcome back to 《Hardy Dimension》. It’s Hardy Loh here.
I’ve learned something about traffic and decided to share with you.
Thus the topic that we’re going discuss today is Traffic,
how it could affect your business in big time,
if you have no idea on getting the right traffic.

Ok, so what is traffic here?
Well, the traffic in internet means visitors.
Like how many visitors have viewed your website / e-commerce.

Do you agree that oxygen is super vital for human being? Yes? 🙋
Human need oxygen in order to survive and breath.
Same thing here, traffic is the “oxygen” for your online business.
So now you have an idea on how important traffic is.

However what do you need to know about traffic?
How could you get different traffic source to your
website / e-commerce / blog / sales page / products, etc?

No worry, don’t over complicate yourself, I’ve got you covered. 😉
I’ll be sharing with you the fundamentals about traffic today.
So that you could have a clearer image on it.

Are you ready?
OK, let’s go ~

Traffic Generations Strategies

Understanding Fundamentals


1) Golden Rules

– Not all traffic is created equally
>> Different sources of traffic will has its own approach and strategies

– Funnel first, traffic second
>> Different funnels will get your different results.

– It’s better to master ONE than to know about a lot
>> Master one of the traffic generations methods first,

and then only proceed to master another one.
Don’t try to grab all in the same time.
Find one that you like then master it.

– Traffic without monetization is useless!!!
>> It’s like you spent the money and bought the item,
but you keep it inside your store room and never use it at all.

– Every click should be retargeted!
>> If you’re not doing this, you’re wasting tons of traffic.
It will save your tons of money as well.

2) Traffic Channels

– Personal Email List (best traffic source ever)
>> If you done and cultivate it properly, you could create traffic on demand.

– Media Buys (fast traffic)
– Email Media
– Influencer Media
– Goggle PPC
– Bing PCC
– YouTube PPC
– Display (be careful. Understand all details!!)

SEO (slower but much higher quality!)
– Reason 1: Personal brand control
– Reason 2: New traffic generations

– Building your army

Social Media Siphon
– Facebook
– YouTube
– Instagram

– Facebook custom audiences
– AdRoll
– Every click should be retargeted!!!

3) Must-Have Tools


Funnel Building System

Tracking Technology

Central Hub
– eStage
  >> Personal Brand Site
  >> Services
  >> Blog
  >> Streaming Channel
  >> Communications

Membership Site (It’s really not cheap)

Regular Blog (Less and limited function)

Alright, that’s all for the fundamentals about traffic. 😄
Considering you might just getting started or looking for some fast traffic.
I could share with you the 24-hour Traffic Method below.

Where to Get FAST Traffic?

—> My Traffic Networks
—> My Traffic Agencies

OK, I got some results from these places.
However let’s make this clear that it’s not the best traffic quality
but you could literally get quick traffic from there within 24-48 hours.

Once again, I CAN’T guarantee you any results here.
But you could give it a try.

If you’re interested to learn more in details about traffic,
reserve your spot for this 1-hour free webinar ▶ Traffic & Conversions Blueprint.

Perhaps you love today episode that I’ve just shared with you.

Good luck in your business,
I’ll see you in the next episode
. 😁

Light & Hope
– Hardy

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